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Order your ground coffee, in beans, pads or capsules in our online shop. Intense and sweet aromas. It’s the beginning of a great story.

recipes of Charles Liégeois coffee

Our recipes

Over the course of the collaborations, our coffees are tasted with different flavors, each bringing its richness and creativity.

photo of Charles Liégeois with his employees in the 1950s

Genealogy of know-how

Guided by the love of coffee, Charles Liégeois began roasting in 1955 and, from year to year, from trip to trip, sharpened his knowledge and his mastery of roasting which he passes on to his sons and grandson.

Now it is they, Benoît, Michel and Quentin, who every day select the beans, compose the blends and adjust the roasting, surrounded by women and men just like them passionate.

Charles Liégeois Roastery is today a major player in roasting in Belgium. A recognition that has been forged over generations, around strong values ​​that we transmit as generously as possible with our coffee.

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