The art of coffee roasting

You are not born a coffee roaster, you become one: by observing, by trying, by making mistakes, by starting again, and again, until you hone your senses and gain in confidence to do what it takes to transform the green beans into an exceptional drink.

Designed to reflect the regional specificities of the coffee’s origins, and the type of extraction desired, each roasting is a series of precise and delicate actions, which involve gradually heating the coffee grains to develop their flavour, to release their aromas (there are up to 850!) and to bring out all their qualities.

At Café Liégeois, 3 generations have followed each other around the coffee roaster (the machine and the job title have the same name). The process never changes: watching the grains changing from green to brown, via a broad palette of warm blonds and delicate beiges. The air fills with aromas throughout the roasting process: straw, toast, coffee.  Watching for the first crack, which indicates the grain and its pod are separating.

After that, it is a question of closely monitoring the tiniest nuances of brown, quickly removing a few grains with a metal sampler: the end of the roasting process can happen any time.

Would you like to know more? Push open the Workshop doors to find out what is behind our wide range of great coffees !

Some family history

Charles Liégeois expected to manage the family mill when he came out of the army, but that job was taken by his younger brother.  Fate opened another door for him, however: the Dejong roasting facility, in Dison.  Charles borrowed money from his father, bought the small business project, and threw himself into an adventure that would last his whole life.  He continued to produce malt and chicory, learning about coffee from Joseph, the plant’s coffee-roaster.

Our specialty coffees

Our specialty coffees come from small plantations. They are often the result of surprising locations and meetings with great people: we appreciated their locally produced crop, we were able to obtain a few bags, and we share them to the last grain.


At Café Liégeois, we don’t just love coffee: we live it, with a sense of curiosity, pleasure and a strong drive to make it our way, as we feel it.  This is why we roast great coffees for everyday and specialty coffees with the same care.  Everything around our coffees reflects this laid-back and free image.