Blend or single origin?

Because some like theirs full-bodied, while others prefer citrus notes, or a mixture of spices and dried fruits, there are almost endless possibilities for the coffee flavours we can taste on the palette. A coffee roaster works with different varieties of coffee beans, rather like a wine grower works with different varieties of grapes. Each is a synonym for particular flavours and aromas. They can thus express the unique character of a terroir using only the beans from the latter, which is called coffee of single origin; or combine different origins with each other to compose a mixture of flavours, or blend.
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Single origin, a purist coffee?

Coffee of single origin is a coffee linked to its terroir; in other words, the particular characteristics of the place in which it is grown, including its geology, climate, and exposure; as well as the way in which it was cultivated, harvested, dried, and so on. This is why a coffee of single origin is not just another coffee, and may even vary from year to year. Of course, this coffee is not reserved only for connoisseurs, but can be appreciated by the discerning amateur seeking a unique organoleptic experience.

At Charles Liégeois Roastery, the origin of our coffees and their specific characteristics are proudly displayed on the package. A single country or a single region? It’s a single origin! And for added convenience, you can check the 'single origin' box on our website to activate our coffee filter. You will find ground or full bean coffees of origin, and some also come in pods or capsule format.

Blend, the sublime mixing of flavours

The coffees in our Blends family are made by bringing together beans of different origins, and thus with different aromatic notes, so that, by modulating the proportions, a taste can be harmonized and kept consistent to some extent. But the blend is also the possibility of sublimating origins by combining their respective characteristics in order to strengthen, balance or contrast their flavours.

At Charles Liégeois, it is for precisely these two reasons that we create blends. Coffees prepared by our master roasters to express particular flavours and assume their characteristics when you taste them, no matter when. And so, your Puissant coffee will still be as powerful tomorrow, and your Magnifico coffee will always have that little Italian accent on the tongue.

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And if...

If you blend your own coffee, you can obtain a unique taste, which really reflects who you are. The opportunity to sharpen your palate and explore terroirs through their flavours. Select two or three coffees of single origin based on the characteristics that seem best suited to you (this is easy using the slider charts you find on our packs). Taste each coffee separately to awaken your senses. Then mix two coffees, varying the proportions, and possibly adding a third to express a particular note. Compare, adjust. Savour YOUR coffee and above all don’t hesitate to share it.