Introducing our new identity!

Our coffee has made a name for itself, and now it we’ve given it a first name.

Charles Liégeois et son équipe devant la torréfaction dans les années 50

At Charles Liégeois Roastery, coffee is our life. From bean to final product, we meticulously select the best crop, get the blend and roast just right to reveal their incredible aromas. Unique knowledge and expertise we cannot wait to share with you. Because, at Charles Liégeois Roastery, we are proud of a coffee that is part of life, with its memories, conversations, and emotions.

Spurred on by his love of coffee, Charles Liégeois began roasting in 1955 and, year after year, expedition after expedition, he sharpened his knowledge and mastery of roasting which he passed on to his sons and grandson.
Now every day they, Benoît, Michel and Quentin, select the beans, develop the blends and adjust the roast, supported by a handful of artisan roasters.
Women and men who work together to offer everyone a coffee that is full of flavour and respect. A coffee that does not leave a 'bitter' taste, when it comes to either the producers or the planet.  A generous coffee in every way.

Benoît et Michel Liégeois devant le café vert
pictogramme généreux en goût
pictogramme généreux envers les personnes
pictogramme généreux pour la planète
A coffee that has a generous flavour, thanks to the expertise in the selection, blending and roasting of the highest quality coffee beans.
A coffee that is generous to people, by supporting decent working conditions for producers and connecting each of our employees with our values.
A coffee that is generous to the planet, by promoting organic farming and sustainably reducing our ecological footprint by using production tools which consume less energy, or bio-compostable capsules, while also committing our company to social responsibility.
Driven by its values, Charles Liégeois Roastery will continue to be a contemporary family business operating on a human scale, perpetuating its unique expertise and, through research and innovation, adapting to change in order to meet the demands of coffee lovers and connoisseurs. The changes to the company also include its logo and therefore its visual identity.
L'ancien  logo, Café Liégeois, et le nouveau, Charles Liégeois
Because some people are still looking for us in the dessert section. Because others think that we are a café located in Liège or a coffee made in Liège. No, we are Liégeois. Just like Charles Liégeois. A new name to say who we really are. A handful of men and women, artisan roasters, who cultivate flavours with as much passion as our founder, Charles Liégeois, did in 1955. A new logo to represent our expertise. It is a brand that symbolises our roasting expertise, from bean to cup.
The logo of Charles Liégeois Roastery represents both a coffee bean and the letter “C”, the founder’s initial. You can also see a drop of coffee falling into a cup. The logo in its
most complete form consists of the symbol, the name “Charles Liégeois” and the word “roastery”. Everything fits neatly in a white oval with a black border.
processus de création du logo