Cold Brew Tonic

He is a bartender. She takes care of communication, and everything else. In 2016, Valentin and Charlie created their business together. Today, their project includes a cocktail bar called Botanical by Alfonse, a dining bar called Liquorette, a consultancy service for spirits brands and other restaurants, and a mobile bar for corporate or private events. For Charles Liégeois, Valentin offers us a tasty mocktail that’s easy to make, since it consists of only two ingredients, added one after the other. 


  • Ice cubes
  • 50 ml Cold Brew (see recipe below)
  • Just under 100 ml of Botanical Tonic by Thomas Henry


Place the ice cubes in a glass, then add the two ingredients and mix. Sip and enjoy.

Text : Virginie Dupont / Photography : Maxime Degée