Café Liégeois, a variety of coffee from Liège?

It sounds like a trick question on a game show. In fact, our coffee doesn’t come from Liège. ‘Liégeois’ is the name of the company’s founder : Charles Liégeois.

Café Liégeois is first and foremost a family story. The story of Charles, encouraged and helped by his father to buy his first coffee-roasting machine.

Charles Liégeois is the premier coffee roasting company in the Walloon region of Belgium today. But the company doesn’t want to expand at just any price. This Belgian coffee brand wants to stay Belgian. A family brand; an artisan brand.

Getting together with family over a great coffee. In the Liégeois family, we do that all day long.

Today, Benoit and Michel are continuing this wonderful story with the same enterprising spirit, the same passion. It is their heritage after all. A passion for research and for selecting the best grains. A passion for the art of roasting. The art of creating subtle blends. The art of sharing. Sharing the pleasure of drinking and appreciating good quality coffee.

Benoit and Michel are dynamic entrepreneurs. But above all they are coffee roasters who love coffee and will not compromise on quality. Just like all the artisans at Charles Liégeois who play a part in ensuring you have the very best coffee in your cup every day.

Our coffee isn’t just good. It’s fair too !

The pleasure of smelling, tasting and appreciating the richness of the flavours it releases. Coffee is all of those things, but above all it’s a bean. The bean from the coffee bush.

If we respect artisan coffee-roasting techniques, we are equally dedicated to respecting the people who grow it. We produce a coffee derived from fair trade. We pay a constant price for our beans, that is to say a price that doesn’t fluctuate with the caprices of an often unstable market. We also pay a fair price. A price that affords the producers a decent lifestyle and enables them to maintain the high quality of their coffee.